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We’ve been providing residential and commercial installation of new hardware, rekeying and master keying services for owners of condos, homes, complexes, offices and stores for over 40 years.


Rekeying is changing a lock to a different key way to operate. Most rekeying is requested by an owner who is concerned with unauthorized people whom may have keys to the lock. A locksmith is able to alter the lock so only new keys will function. Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the tumbler or configuration of the lock thus a new key will function while the old one will not. Rekeying can be done without replacing all the hardware.

Master Keying

Master keys operate more than one lock. Master keyed locks operate with two, or more, different keys: one specific to each lock, then the "change key", which cannot operate any of the others in the set. The master key, which operates all the locks in the set. 

RX2 - Restricted Key Ways

Island Locksmith of Sanibel & Captiva Islands’ is also the Exclusive US Lock RX2 Dealer in the area. Unlike traditional keys which can be copied at most hardware stores, restricted key ways utilize special keys that are controlled by the locksmith. What this means is that a key can only be copied with proper authorization. It means that no other locksmith, hardware store or home improvement store can make a copy of your keys without your permission. Restricted Key way systems are more affordable than you think.


The distraction of the islands can be very powerful and unfortunately we can lock our keys in our automobiles or our residence. Island Locksmith can help when you are in a "Pinch". We have the tools and experience to help. 

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